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Download dailybuilds

October 2011 — last update January 2012

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Dailybuilds are CDROM or USB key image files that are built for development and testing purposes. They may work perfectly... or not! Basically they are intended for use by the DoudouLinux team but, of course, if you want to help us test the future release, you can download image files here and report any issue (or just enjoy ;) ).

Despite their name, they are not built everyday but only when there is something to be tested. For this reason you may not find anything to download and not all the languages available on the official download page may be available here. Note also that the list below is not refreshed on a real-time basis, only on a daily basis at most. If you are looking for the very latest dailybuilds, please look at our old dailybuild page.

Moreover we will not maintain a list of changes either. The only exception is that, few days before a new release, all the languages should land here before they move to the official download page; changes should all be listed in our changelog page too.

Finally, note also that the files listed below may disappear without notice, even while you are downloading! (which never occurs on the official download page :) )

Standard DoudouLinux images

This section may offer dailybuilds for the LiveCD or LiveUSB version.

LiveCD image files
Language File Size SHA1 checksum
Thai doudoulinux-2015-06-24-th.iso 1 GB 5bba32c0c0d124a1c4cd363e688b029d09b5ca35
Vietnamese doudoulinux-2015-06-24-vi.iso 1 GB 811904795e379b7868513a7c526ec5559db7da0b
Thai doudoulinux-2015-06-29-th.iso 1 GB d4efcfe1d8e2cd5e4c8a878bf5deda0d52e42122
Vietnamese doudoulinux-2015-06-29-vi.iso 1 GB 1e0f4410d495881d02aa0178a4aa8f2e6fed7006
Bulgarian doudoulinux-2015-07-01-bg.iso 1 GB 3cf3df56dec563c69021662f931806d02aa4c146
Danish doudoulinux-2015-07-01-da.iso 1 GB c697f2a12c51c6874134a0ca76afe53f0c80ed0e
Greek doudoulinux-2015-07-01-el.iso 1.1 GB da896f3c0036ae5ed8954fadcb5c1668fab30707
Spanish doudoulinux-2015-07-01-es.iso 1.1 GB 260eb3ebbbb73b4ca987705c8b22fbe6030510a3
French doudoulinux-2015-07-01-fr.iso 1.1 GB 2df28e9a40756f39127a4ee9e537838af86983d2
Galician doudoulinux-2015-07-01-gl.iso 1 GB 9f9b88422de7b161055b89d5c6600727338d8239
Italian doudoulinux-2015-07-01-it.iso 1.1 GB 0029c4740670d01edebd3796e4f6bb77d7922dfd
Lithuanian doudoulinux-2015-07-01-lt.iso 1 GB 2ee93d42c70f8e85d4b5e3a20da452cd34277c90
Polish doudoulinux-2015-07-01-pl.iso 1.1 GB 094ec03e8669f7d2609826090aa59d519eca7b1f
Portuguese (Portugal) doudoulinux-2015-07-01-pt.iso 1 GB e518569c265ee76616c1620959986c3e57e28401
Portuguese (Brazil) doudoulinux-2015-07-01-pt_BR.iso 1.1 GB c0a33ae0d226d1ad3087e69eb2bf924a51bc8dd6
Serbian (Cyrillic) doudoulinux-2015-07-01-sr.iso 1 GB 2ed912473d5bd0164aa8d0c168a98196bedf0c72
Swedish doudoulinux-2015-07-01-sv.iso 1 GB 4f36e632fadbc15a9004dac484badf8e9aeebc7e
Arabic doudoulinux-2015-09-01-ar.iso 1 GB e85d88ce24403d44b674ed8854b1428c97f5f027
Thai doudoulinux-2015-09-01-th.iso 1 GB b652b812dfe9fa0a2032aeb71beeb9cb27f0633f
Thai doudoulinux-2015-09-28-th.iso 1 GB 810e0eed7f5c87d3d127b8e5b3d18b27e1b3ada8
Vietnamese doudoulinux-2015-09-28-vi.iso 1 GB 3c314d975b6788a45f3eacc7a536614b263975b3
English doudoulinux-gondwana-1.2_486-en.iso 691 MB aca5250664e96241358d766a260d3c894431317f
Spanish doudoulinux-gondwana-1.2_486-es.iso 687 MB 83d022e1a509e012564e92768c35ea5d0e2f69f8
French doudoulinux-gondwana-1.2_486-fr.iso 693 MB 3b67c44bb8e022e47b79ac7881b539fc6389745d
Dutch doudoulinux-gondwana-1.2_486-nl.iso 677 MB bf8ced8efa98cd801f6dd1a17bedff67090a5749
Russian doudoulinux-gondwana-1.2_486-ru.iso 680 MB 344e78cd2ff00365f7e69e316e49ace8ce9fd516
German doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1_486-de.iso 1.1 GB b9f4ec122129658e3884adf5a48a37a3b168ecdc
English doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1_486-en.iso 1 GB 3db0ccd9b21f529bcc7f89a75e044f5520d28157
Spanish doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1_486-es.iso 1.1 GB c9d8e3821edf7657ba94caccd9d9ba84e9022521
French doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1_486-fr.iso 1.1 GB 41a7215445a70711d0c74b2fa09233cfd80eb036
Italian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1_486-it.iso 1.1 GB 055a6feb21d63f624d1c08be3c6b69bdf3c23342
Russian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1_486-ru.iso 1 GB c04e4142d4dfb6f4e52766f413cace6dace131bd
LiveUSB image files
Language File Size SHA1 checksum
English doudoulinux-gondwana-1.2_486-en.img 713 MB 59cfbacf0ffb9a32d1f783381bbdda9b4c1a116e
Spanish doudoulinux-gondwana-1.2_486-es.img 708 MB f85afb7bc53536e888367eb4c2520ba8a2904387
French doudoulinux-gondwana-1.2_486-fr.img 714 MB 1abcf861dc3fc4da98da90d2be4885c5b0cf3e44
Dutch doudoulinux-gondwana-1.2_486-nl.img 698 MB 449f800323bdd73732842064ef813baca8b1347b
Russian doudoulinux-gondwana-1.2_486-ru.img 701 MB a51a080a9780a945cc5214b1cd207ef560ed97b6

ARM™ DoudouLinux images

This section may offer dailybuilds for the specific ARM™ architecture. They will not function on a standard computer running an Intel® or AMD® processor. They can generally only boot on the specific hardware they are built for (eg. Genesi Efika).

ARM™ image files, armel
Language File Size SHA1 checksum
English doudoulinux-20120116-armel-efika-en.img.xz 1.2 GB 4630401386747fb2c46ef33e663795fd106bde45
English doudoulinux-20120409-armel-efika-en.img.xz 1.5 GB 5aebee10a8e9fdac2dbd3214d06cd347ba0009bd
English doudoulinux-20120620-armel-efika-en.img.xz 880 MB 9adb7aaa81aac9ada436630ee66b8ce2f9786c26
French doudoulinux-20120620-armel-efika-fr.img.xz 866 MB 8b6227410c558e2db0214482f50cce04feccf3b0
Version being developped
Language File Size SHA1 checksum
Multi-language doudoulinux_squeeze_armel_20121120.img.xz 1.2 GB fce81eff50384b40026f6fb93d423ae12ae33ccd
Multi-language doudoulinux_squeeze_armel_20121120_boot.tgz 35 MB efb9bac2b7b9261a26ab0f01a5b1d19fcc4062b9
Multi-language doudoulinux_squeeze_armel_20121120_rootfs.tgz 1.1 GB 161ba2fe4cfcb42381b70f11429f8d133b91ce98

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