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June 2010 — last update November 2013

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DoudouLinux 2.1 Hyperborea English (1 GB)

SHA1 checksum db71106917b82b7dae9f39803d369db4a8393296

The full version of DoudouLinux is freely available for download without any use restrictions! If you like our work and want to support our project, you can later freely decide to make a donation or visit our online shop. We need your support to make the project better known, to develop it faster and to ensure it a long life. DVD’s can be purchased online from our shop and USB keys will be available soon.

To make DoudouLinux run, a PC or Macintosh computer [1] with 256 MB of memory and an 800 MHz processor inside is required (see Recommended configuration). Be aware that DoudouLinux is not a standard application: the files you can download from this page should not be considered as simple data files or as application installers. You will find on this page the latest stable version available, DoudouLinux Hyperborea 2.1. Please refer to the page What’s new in the latest release? to know what has changed since the previous releases.


No need to read 2,000 pages of a license agreement or terms of use written in lawyers jargon and changing every two months behind your back, DoudouLinux is 100% made with free software and free artwork under various free licenses, mainly GPL. These licenses tell that the user can freely use, copy, distribute and modify anything. So just download, enjoy, remix, and if you really like our work, why not making a donation or purchasing products?

Download DVD images

With the downloadable files below you can create a DoudouLinux DVD to be inserted at computer boot up. As indicated on page Get DoudouLinux, to transfer the file onto DVD you need to use a special function of your DVD burning software. Writing the file as any other data file will surely fail. Moreover, as indicated on page Creating a DoudouLinux USB key, you can use these DVD image files to create a LiveUSB device and boot DoudouLinux from an USB storage device (USB key or disk) instead of a DVD. Since DoudouLinux 2.0, the USB device can be used as a standard storage device afterwards, you are just loosing on your device the space required to store DVD image files.

Important note: as the DVD image file size is suggesting, these files are too large to fit a single CD and should instead be burnt onto a writable DVD disk. Nonetheless these files are usually called LiveCD and never LiveDVD, that is why we may be still referring to a CD in the documentation even if a DVD is obviously required.

DoudouLinux 2.1 Hyperborea
Language File Size SHA1 checksum
Arabic doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-ar.iso 1 GB 712f3d0805d2c1c73dd0ecea7500f59a71d04a7f
Bengali doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-bn.iso 1 GB e4720336f71ea01de0c2ad766900066ac2883561
Czech doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-cs.iso 1 GB 5b7dec7dd38631bb5875e38a6c09fd43fd10ec9e
Danish doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-da.iso 1 GB c2e24a6612f7f878f9b36e9e797a11729cbc76ee
German doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-de.iso 1.1 GB 10e2354fc82253666b54eabf9d0fd1e6ea4aafe7
Greek doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-el.iso 1.1 GB f0e30af042e7fc67f55a206597df9a0039aa91b2
English doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-en.iso 1 GB db71106917b82b7dae9f39803d369db4a8393296
Esperanto doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-eo.iso 1 GB caffffc05800fe583491c2120048a73f26513fff
Spanish doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-es.iso 1.1 GB bd8029520eacbc9326a3dea2efbd7f743c162c8e
Persian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-fa.iso 1 GB 9a4b5fd1844fd76140f900aa81380da201256175
Finnish doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-fi.iso 1 GB 0ba856ed19c8a118ae74c84c440ca320698d5121
French doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-fr.iso 1.1 GB 1dc0880bb0fd2ce329bc5e478db50996d7bfdc2b
Gaelic, Scottish doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-gd.iso 1 GB d0441b3761f3966eb96cfdc133614aa5b12a5df3
Galician doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-gl.iso 1 GB d043a7746972142051df4db84770b8d6ce15e95c
Hebrew doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-he.iso 1 GB c0f79570d0a563dbd50fd3f84211f3701235b361
Hindi doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-hi.iso 1 GB 27631988d696ac8c52abcfdeb22a8dd6bc40acd3
Croatian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-hr.iso 1 GB 9eb248b5d02cff5b114d06aa21662163f9f2abc3
Hungarian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-hu.iso 1 GB ade070a37b0a3da6806879c5848e03869f7da8cd
Armenian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-hy.iso 1 GB 3f9ca079f5f9ea17289c5685b491e26a0a0f03c0
Indonesian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-id.iso 1 GB 8720e10347c09702e442be889c8ee5afc957d362
Italian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-it.iso 1.1 GB 401b635ffb715d256cfaec4b59076d1ca77eac21
Luxembourgish doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-lb.iso 1 GB b9eb8982899728a22b2110a99b4f6f4ce238f977
Lithuanian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-lt.iso 1 GB dca6cf344b78302e7684337e715623b321cd2b1a
Latvian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-lv.iso 1 GB 065e2e69b08b5c6d4a2e3027299cd7a2ff7efba5
Marathi doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-mr.iso 1 GB 865ef196aa5b40888575beb3c8c436c5942c4925
Malay doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-ms.iso 1 GB cef2053977fca0bfb0fede07f4d98447ae0fc4ec
Burmese doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-my.iso 1 GB 329b14b0717964a3c01b3283d6977cb4bdce10bb
Norwegian Bokmål doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-nb.iso 1 GB 748f9afdfb0b3e42e8e433911b315f55f3213237
Dutch doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-nl.iso 1 GB 6820fb2e2af585e188a3b61bf33a2f1240504506
Norwegian Nynorsk doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-nn.iso 1 GB 9abfb0263c2a316d48d29f115d327b521d52e00c
Panjabi doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-pa.iso 1 GB 2cfd89ee4fd6dd09cc8c36c4e20ab4b6ef70fa7a
Polish doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-pl.iso 1 GB 20260cacb270fd0b5d74b69ce1c8f761aa4b8d5f
Portuguese (Portugal) doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-pt.iso 1.1 GB f39165b10662bfd193810373823373f126234451
Portuguese (Brazil) doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-pt_BR.iso 1.1 GB 961f2c2338d78f936b198100999a6c8ab8e072ad
Romanian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-ro.iso 1 GB 77d5706c1c9649749cd540e690a1d45da5c32307
Russian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-ru.iso 1 GB 25ba244d7341fb584d1d5750cb00eddadf2cff4c
Serbian (Cyrillic) doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-sr.iso 1 GB 755ebaaf2bec03b0939381be69d7a8b9864f2bf0
Swedish doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-sv.iso 1 GB ec9d8a9060e3b82df9e0eb888f1f58499c38a2e0
Telugu doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-te.iso 1 GB 750e2610f188353ab81a7a5a929019d5331f72e0
Tajik doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-tg.iso 1 GB 4cfb3c722d6ee3ad87ac36353dc77dbe06993156
Turkish doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-tr.iso 1 GB d183f9f92ee3411c26d2c01fd88e2554d71b6da1
Ukrainian doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-uk.iso 1 GB c3876a38bfef91925d24f490c9c3ec6a0a59f138
Chinese (China) doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-zh_CN.iso 1.1 GB fb2ba138a92e94696c18b1b694cd79d74ecb4fcf
Chinese (Taiwan) doudoulinux-hyperborea-2.1-zh_TW.iso 1.1 GB 9be6954287051955ce87923000217966450b938e

Download using torrents

If you find our server slow for downloading, we propose you use our torrent files:

You only need a Bittorrent client that correctly handles web seeds – not all do this. Web seeds are standard downloadable files used as the first seed when nobody is sharing the file you are looking for. If you are the only one, it is just like a standard download, if not, your download speed should be increased by the additional seeds on the network. This way you are sure to get the file, whatever its level of activity on the Internet :).

Other languages

Since DoudouLinux 2.0, each DoudouLinux DVD is shipping with all the variants of the main language plus American English. For example, the French DVD is shipping with French from Belgium, Canada, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland (plus American English), which means you can easily switch to one of these languages. However, except for Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese from Taiwan and Mexican Spanish, there is currently no translation work for the language variants, only the main language is being worked (but of course you can decide to start the translation work by yourself). Alphabet variants are concerned as well. For example the Serbian DVD is shipping with Serbian Cyrillic as the default and Serbian Latin as a variant available.

Note that Brazilian Portuguese is a DVD on its own because it is important for this language to be available as the main language without any user action. Chinese from China and from Taiwan are also separate DVD’s since they are using simplified and traditional Chinese respectively, which are not written the same way. Finally if you cannot find your language in our releases, please contact us to build a test DVD in your language or ask to create a language team on our translation portal on Transifex.

Other versions available

Development version and dailybuilds

DoudouLinux is available in two flavors named “stable” and “development” plus “dailybuilds” that are unofficial snapshots of the development version. The stable version is the one that is tested and validated enough to be used by anyone without a second thought. You should a priori be interested in the stable version. However you may also be interested in helping us build the next major version of DoudouLinux. In this case you can:

Builds for older processors

Our standard builds can run on computers with a Pentium II processor (or equivalent) or higher. If you want to try it on an older computer, you can download an 486 build from our dailybuild section. These builds should run on Pentium I or older processors (down to 486).

ARM builds

DoudouLinux can run on ARM™ processors too, the processors that are used in most of smartphones and tablets. ARM™ disk images are available in the table below. We currently only support Efika Genesi and Raspberry PI hardware. Please note that our ARM™ port is still using the old Debian port called armel. It is built for ARM™ v4 and is not very efficient for modern ARM™ processors. Our ARM™ builds should then rather be considered as a developer preview than a production release. You have to wait for DoudouLinux 3.0 to be able to benefit from the more efficient armhf port (ARM™ v7) and most likely the Raspberry PI specific port Rasbian too.

ARM™ image files, armel
Language File Size SHA1 checksum
English doudoulinux-20120116-armel-efika-en.img.xz 1.2 GB 4630401386747fb2c46ef33e663795fd106bde45
English doudoulinux-20120409-armel-efika-en.img.xz 1.5 GB 5aebee10a8e9fdac2dbd3214d06cd347ba0009bd
English doudoulinux-20120620-armel-efika-en.img.xz 880 MB 9adb7aaa81aac9ada436630ee66b8ce2f9786c26
French doudoulinux-20120620-armel-efika-fr.img.xz 866 MB 8b6227410c558e2db0214482f50cce04feccf3b0
Version being developped
Language File Size SHA1 checksum
Multi-language doudoulinux_squeeze_armel_20121120.img.xz 1.2 GB fce81eff50384b40026f6fb93d423ae12ae33ccd
Multi-language doudoulinux_squeeze_armel_20121120_boot.tgz 35 MB efb9bac2b7b9261a26ab0f01a5b1d19fcc4062b9
Multi-language doudoulinux_squeeze_armel_20121120_rootfs.tgz 1.1 GB 161ba2fe4cfcb42381b70f11429f8d133b91ce98

Previous stable release

Our previous stable release DoudouLinux Gondwana 1.2 is still available for people who need it.

Recommended configuration

The minimal recommended configuration to run DoudouLinux is:

  • 256 MB memory
  • 800 MHz processor
  • 800×600 dots display

DoudouLinux can easily work with a slower processor [2], but not for 3D games which are more computation-greedy [3]. Moreover it is possible to use less than 256 MB memory, positive trials were conducted with 128 MB memory. Finally concerning screen resolution, some applications are designed to work with a minimal size of 800×600 dots. This is why it is better to opt for a screen and a video card that accept this mode.

Globally any machine dating from early 2000’s should be adequate concerning PC’s. Concerning Macintosh’s, their internal architecture became similar to the PC’s in 2006. This is why DoudouLinux will not run on older Macintosh’s. [4]

Upgrading from the 1.x series

If you are already using the previous stable version of DoudouLinux or a development version, unfortunately there is currently no official support for upgrading to version 2.0. Managing the upgrade process would require that we spend much time in writing and testing update scripts. We currently have no task force to achieve this. As a result the recommended way for upgrading is to backup user data and reinstall the new version. Note however that, if you are using a real installation of DoudouLinux, you may want to perform a standard Debian package upgrade from within an administrative account, not from a DoudouLinux activity.

PDF documentation

You may also download the PDF documentation for offline browsing. The files are available for download from the main documentation section page.


[1] Macintosh from 2006 a priori

[2] Successful trials were achieved with a 500 MHz processor.

[3] Anyway computers with slower processors are likely not to have a 3D compatible video card

[4] It is theoretically possible to generate DoudouLinux for these older architectures but it has never been tested.

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